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Laser Tattoo Removal Post-Treatment Care

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  • There will be slight redness, sensitivity, soreness, mild swelling and/or little red blood blisters immediately after each treatment. This is normal, so do not touch the area, except to cool it with any ice pack or iced water.
  • You may notice that blistering may occur in some treatments and not others. If blistering does not occur, it does not mean that your most recent treatment was less aggressive or your treatment is not working. Sometimes your body will react, while other times it will not. Regardless, the treatment is working.
  • Apply ice pads if necessary to promote comfort. This may be necessary for the first 2 hours.
  • Keep treated areas dry for 24 hours. Do not shower or wash the area if possible.
  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours (to prevent increased heat and temperature to the treatment area, especially in summer).
  • No swimming for 3 days (chlorine and salt aggravates the treatment areas and can increase sensitivity).
  • If the treatment area develops a scab, please allow the scab to fall off on its own. Do not pick at the skin as doing so may cause hyper-pigmentation, infection and/or scars.
  • Apply Stratamed Advanced film-forming wound dressing and/or Blank Canvas Post Laser Care twice a day for 7 days or as needed during the 6-8 week healing period. If blistering/scabbing occurs, continue to apply until healing is complete. Stratamed and Blank Canvas Post Laser Care are offered for sale in clinic.
  • Keep the treated area out of direct sunlight and apply sunscreen if exposed to sunlight.
  • HAVE THE BEST RESULTS. Proper aftercare is critical and is necessary to prevent infection, skin texture change, or other unwanted side effects. When you visit us at CQ Tattoo Removal Clinic, we will provide you with specific aftercare instructions to take home after your treatment. It is your responsibility to follow these instructions. Tattoo removal is a relatively simple procedure, but we take care to inform you of the important steps you can take to achieve a great result.
  • TATTOO REMOVAL AFTERCARE. The laser tattoo removal treatment creates a superficial skin wound. Some clients may experience bruising and swelling. There is an immediate whitening of the treated area, which usually lasts for several minutes. Many clients then develop blisters, crusts or scabs within 8 to 72 hours, which may last for 1 to 2 weeks or more. The treated areas may be pink or pale after the scab separates. Scarring, which can be hypertrophic or even keloid, can occur but is exceptionally rare. Reduced or excess skin pigment in the treated area can occur, and is temporary except in very rare cases. Healing is usually complete within 4-6 weeks, although this may vary. During the wound healing process you will experience itchiness. You must not scratch or pick at the area or you will reinjure the wound and set back the healing process. If you do find the itchiness too bothersome, please contact us for advice.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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“Tineeke was very professional and the clinic is very comfortable and clean. I had great results on my tattoo removal which was noticeable even after the first treatment. Would definitely recommend”


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